When Marili returned to Brazil after living in London for a couple years, and she was wondering what her next steps would be, her best friend Cleiton, a flight attendant already, had told her about the many cruises he had attended with his friends and the great experiences they had on them; they both realized all the potential the travel industry held for them to create the same unforgettable experiences for others in a multitude of destination cruises. The two of them launched AllOver Tour, LLC in 2017 and began booking their clients on a variety of cruises.

Since its launch, Cleiton has left to focus on his career and family, but Marili sought out the help of Emerich and Joshua, who joined her in 2022. Since they joined, they’ve been working on AllOver’s relaunch with a fresh and eye-catching re-branding, and a website re-design for better functionality and customer experience.


Emerich Sobotik

Agent & Executive Director

Emerich, born and raised in Puerto Rico from a Czech father and a Puerto Rican mother, loves to travel and has been doing so since he was a toddler. His first international trip was when he was 5 years old and he has never stopped, having visited 35 countries over his entire life.

Emerich is a dynamic, inspirational leader and coach with many years of experience in management and entrepreneurship and has completed an MBA degree. He possesses over 20 years of experience, mostly in the Media and Entertainment industry, but he has also worked with nonprofit organizations, and spent many years in the travel and hospitality industry early on in his career.

Emerich loves the beach and contemplating the sunset and occasionally he is inspired to write. In his free time, he likes to socialize, party and hang out with his friends just as much as he likes to read, watch TV and movies, and spend time at home with his family and his two dogs, Madeleine and Lucas.


Agent & Business Relations Director

As its only remaining founding member, Marili brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the team.

Like AllOver, Marili was born and raised in Brazil, where she currently still resides in the beautiful city of Florianópolis (in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina). She has lived in many different cities all over Brazil, including the bustling, mountain metropolis of São Paulo, which fostered her love of travel, a love that has, to date, allowed her to visit to over 13 countries all over the Americas and Europe.

Her love of travel was only intensified by the time she lived in London, a city which her heart called home for over 8 years. She knew every corner of London, and often met friends all over at pubs and restaurants, cafés and nightclubs, parks and museums, showing new and old friends alike the wonderful cultural life of Great Britain's majestic metropolis.

Marili also started her spiritual journey there, and today she works in the field of holistic therapies, which provides her a great balance in her life, both personally and professionally

For 6 months in 2017, Marili moved to the USA to help her business partner (at the time) establish AllOver there. It was in those 6 months that she took her first cruise and met AllOver's clients; it was also when she met her current business partners and friends, Emerich & Joshua.

Joshua Mercier

Agent & Creative Director

Being born and raised in Maine, Joshua was definitely a bit isolated from the rest of the world, only able to discover its wonders through books or television (which, most definitely, developed his love of literature and film); they were wonders he only dreamed of one day visiting. At the age of 14, his dreams came true when his church youth group took a trip to Boston, Massachusetts, where he was bit and infected by the infamous travel bug. The following year, his youth group traveled to Washington, D.C., and the travel plague all but consumed him.

Although Joshua had traveled a lot of the east coast and Midwest of the US, Québec & Toronto in Canada, and Montego Bay in Jamaica, his dream of travel wasn't really fulfilled until after he and Emerich started dating and they traveled to Europe for World Pride in 2017.

Emerich and Joshua spent almost three weeks in Europe, visiting Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, and many cities in Portugal as they drove from Porto to Lisboa.

Since that initial trip, Joshua has now visited over 22 countries, including several trips to Brazil for Hell & Heaven, a second trip to Europe for Tomorrowland, three Atlantis Caribbean cruises, and a couple trips to Mexico...

...And he still has yet to find a cure for that plague.